One of my Character cannot log in to game

Hi Support team,

one of my character cannot log in to game, same account but other character no issue at all, i am using 1.14 winterspring log.

Account : leosong815, character: Missmee.

I tried to delete all addons but still having same issue. looks like this character has been locked? can you help me solve the problem? its been 3 days.

Greetings. I’ve summoned you to Stormwind. If that doesn’t solve your issue, afraid you have to use 1.12 client or try with other proxy.

Hi GM,

thanks for your help. looks like summoned to SW does not solve the issue, can you please direct me where to download 1.12 client and setup? I have never done that before.

You can firstly try with deleting the folder that contains your account info in HermesProxy\AccountData.

Everlook does not currently host a custom client but we offer links to reputable 1.12 & 1.14 client downloads which you can access below:
Client Download Links 1.12 (English) -
1.14 (English) - GitHub - 0blu/WinterspringLauncher: All in one launcher! Allows you to play on with 1.14 client without technical knowledge!
1.12 (Chinese) -
1.14 (Chinese) -