Please repair my Worldbuffs Saver

Greetings GM
Im a player from Everlook Asia.I dont know if i can get Support in the Forum beacause my Kook account was banned because of the speech of Camp&(My kook account is Sanquest#7742,if u can deblock me i will pay attention to my speech)!
And the important thing is my Worldsbuff stuff(the stuff in Shop which can save worldsbuff inside)doesnt work.I used it one time but it gave me a weired stuff(A question mark)I cant use the stuff anymore but also i cant get onyxia Buff anymore.Can you repair it for me
My game id in Everlook Asia:持明饮月
您好,我是一名来自Everlook亚服的玩家,我不知道能不能在论坛寻求帮助,因为我的Kook账号因阵营言论被banned,如果可以的话,请解除我的封禁(我的KOOK id:Sanquest#7742,如果可以的话我将注意自己的言论)

This has been fixed, sorry for inconveniences

Thx a lot