Questing GM's help! My items was disappear by accident

yesterday,when i was enchanting my equipment .i accidentally clicked the wrong button,and my beast disappered.that’s a sad news.please help me ,dear Administator.
Character Name :Naiidalii
lost item: Judgement Beastplate item ID:16958
The picture is some evidences.

Picture 1 is our group’s dkp record.This beast spend several weeks and my dkp,it was pretty hard-won for me.
And picture 2 is my character’s pictuer,may be it’s not clearly,but can still see that i wear my T2 beast.
And in the previous ticket answer you say that you can restore Raid items of Epic Qulity. Obviously my beast meet the conditions.
So those are my questions and evidences.if you can see that,i hope you can go the extra mile and help me out.
Thanks again!

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你好 我们无法恢复此装备 很抱歉对你造成的不变

希望GM可以帮忙恢复他的T2胸甲 ;那天我们在YY聊天
他真的不是故意的,那天他正在无偿帮助一个小战士附魔身上的胸甲,然后他看到自己身上没有附魔,想帮自己也附一个,然后不小心按到分解了,我们在YY听到他大喊了一声 “啊呀”

你好 很抱歉我们无法恢复任何此类原因导致的装备丢失



I have escalated this issue to our Senior GM Team and they will review it accordingly.

Thank you.