Report me for mutlibox?

hello! I am a Spanish-speaking player on the everlook server, I was playing 3 characters known as multibox, but at no time did I use add ons or external programs to automate commands or attacks, I was playing everything manually, why? It was simply difficult for me at first to get into the blacksmithing profession since I couldn’t find leatherworkers who would give me the necessary materials, not even at auction. How do I get the leather then? So I created another character to fulfill that role. It seems that the staff liked it. has bothered and they have decided to sanction me, it seems sad to me that looting is not allowed in PVE like other servers, such as stormforge or naerzone, in PvP it is more understandable because the advantage is obvious but I had not participated in any arena,

The server has peaks where there are literally no people to do the low level dungeons like the mines of death or blackfathom caverns, everyone is in naxxramass or onyxia, where are the new ones? I have decided to leave your server because it seems ridiculous to me that it is not allowed in PVE when in the official game it is (there it is only bannable also if you use external programs or commands that automate spells) so far thanks for everything everlook but today I say goodbye to this server. good luck to the staff.

I hope they can change that in the future.

Sincerely Hayna magician lvl 34