Report RMT character

Hello GM, account ID: Shayull is selling on the trading website for a price of 2100 RMB. Could you please handle this RMT behavior and contribute to purifying the gaming environment.

Greetings. Can you please provide me with the link to this sale? Screenshot is not enough.

Sorry, the connection for this account has disappeared. But I can provide another person’s ID: Baaby, and this sales connection is 6T12T2QS+6T11T2SS,大马,炼金采药裁缝工程满,背包都有哈卡心可以换,会长号信誉好,用心打造,退游贱卖-ZH20230826171441-18024-魔兽世界O/N/LV/LH/I服游戏账号交易平台嘟嘟网络游戏交易平台-游戏币、游戏账号、装备、手游充值