Report unfair item distribution about Alliance union (yang lao yuan )raid lead warrior(ID Chuangwei))

In 2023.9.24,i (warlock id warcheck) join his group to farm MC(The distribution method is roll),and Golemagg the Incinerator drop Azuresong Mageblade, his union partner mage(ID:Yoyouu) roll 95 first,i roll 95 the same second,According to common practice(and before farm MC they say nothing about rule),we should roll twice,but lead warrior(ID Chuangwei) just give Azuresong Mageblade to his union partner,it’s unfair ,i want GM punish them.and i have picture as evidence.


the picture show i disagree but the lead just give his union partner weapon

and it my dps ,i even know GM can’t allocate the item again,i just want give the two bad guys A one-month ban