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Hello GM!Molten Core ID: 30296 On the afternoon of September 30, 2023, the group leader ID: jisheng and the guild organized a Roll group, {the rules are: tank roll {bindings of the windseeker} other professional talent roll}, the team ID: scarl and id:daqiuge is a tank. After the No. 5 BOSS team battle, the bindings of the windeseeker were released. id:scarl and id:daqiuge roll bindings of the windeseeker. Scarl roll point is 52, id:daqiuge roll point is 45, and the leader’s ID is: Jisheng is forcibly assigned to ID: daqiuge. It is not accidental or wrong. The system is changed at will, which tramples on the fairness advocated by everlook. Please solve it.

GM您好!熔火之心id:30296 在2023年9月30日下午八点左右,团长ID:jisheng 公会组织Roll团,{规矩是:坦克roll {bindings of the windeseeker} 其他职业天赋roll},团队中id:scarl和id:daqiuge是坦克,在五号BOSS团队作战结束后掉落bindings of the windeseeker, id:scarl和id:daqiuge roll bindings of the windeseeker,scarl roll点52,id:daqiuge roll点45,团长ID:jisheng强制分配给ID:daqiuge,并非无意或错分,是强制分配给ID:daqiuge,制度随意更改,践踏了everlook提倡的公平,我的诉求是摧毁bindings of the windeseeker,并发表在论坛,然而出现这种情况后CD变得混乱,现在的ID:574,请解决,谢谢。