Restore 0.5 set of missions item

Hello! I am working on a 0.5 set of missions and have completed the summoning of the Hammer of Destiny and obtained the east petal of the Vatara Ornament. However, when I tried to synthesize the required Vatara Ornament, I found that the upper petal of the Vatara Ornament was missing. According to the guide, it was found that the upper petal of the Vatara Ornament was obtained when killing the Blackstone Abyss Summoning BOSS. However, I searched all over my backpack and bank but couldn’t find it. I suspect that I may have accidentally destroyed this item, and the 0.5 set of missions were also trapped here. I earnestly request the GM to help me restore this mission item. Thank you very much!
The id is “Discounted”.

Everyone, with the help of other players on the server, I have found the cause of the problem and the solution. Simply put, after obtaining the right half of the task item, return to the main entrance of STSM and speak to the ghost NPC to accept the task. Then you will see the other half of the task item in your backpack again. At this point, simply combine the two halves to continue with the next steps of the task.

Congratulations and thank you very much for the information!