Silithid Carapace Fragment Lost in the email

Dear GM,
My role is Valeeraa, Rogue.
Nov. 4th, I emailed some Silithid Carapace Fragment x200 (Bought from AH, 135G).
but when i open the email, i lost the connection.
and then, when i reload, i found the Silithid Carapace Fragment were lost.
please help.

Nov. 5th, it happened again, i cannot get the Silithid Carapace Fragment from the email for the second and third time. The second time, 200units, Bought from AH, 175G; the third time, 90units, bought from AH, 53G)

Totally, i lost 490units (363Gold) of Silithid Carapace Fragment.
Appreciate your propmt help, either recover the Silithid Carapace Fragment or return the Gold is ok.
Thanks really a lot.

Additional info., my role is on Europe sever.

Greetings. Could you provide any proof for that?

Seems i cannot upload a picture.
Could you please just check my record on AH and record for the quest ?

![Silithid Carapace Fragment.PNG|690x358]预先格式化的文本(upload://soBreUxC2fuahCkY5F0YxxuQ6VO.jpeg)

Don’t know whether it works

You can try to upload the images, eg, and then send the link here.