Stuck in 4:3 resolution

When I load into the game I only get 4:3 resolutions, up to 1600x1200. I have a 2560x1440 monitor. I have tried setting the resolution in the config file, but it gets over written as soon as I load up the game to whatever the last 4:3 resolution was selected (or default of 1024x768). I have tried windowed maximized, not windowed, different resolutions, all with rebooting game, setting resolution in config and without doing so, setting windowed resolution in config and without doing so, all with rebooting the game and PC.
I have tried all options I have seen on the internet. I am using the elysium client. I have thoroughly gone through all of the steps I know of to get the game to display a different aspect ratio than 4:3, but I still only see the base 4:3 options.
My friend says his game just had the other resolution options when he loaded the client.

any help with someone who has fixed this and has done something besides what I have listed?