The mission status of "Field Duty" in Silithus is abnormal

Dear GM:
I encountered a very strange problem: after accepting the mission, I could not right-click and use the mission prop “Unsigned Field Duty Papers” to obtain the “Prepared Field Duty Papers”, which resulted in me being unable to continue the mission. I tried to abandon the task and start over, the problem is still there, I don’t know what the problem is, all my friends can use it normally, only me can’t. I request the GM to reset my character’s status for this quest

Greetings. We don’t do that.

Thanks for the reply, so how should I solve the problem?

I don’t know what the problem is

Try to close your client completely, clear WDB folder, run game again.
Also try without addons

Awesome !!!!! problem solved!!Thank you so much :+1:

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