The purchased gold coins from the shopping mall have not been used yet, but I was informed that they have been used

Hello, around 1:00 PM (Beijing time) on October 19th, I recharged 200 in-game currency (equivalent to 20 USD in RMB) through the E (EU server) shopping mall. However, I am not clear about the process of exchanging in-game currency in the mall. Today, when I tried to purchase items, I found out that I need to use the verification code received via email to activate the recharge of in-game currency. However, when I activated it, I was informed that the game currency has already been used. I am very certain that I have never activated the verification code nor used the corresponding in-game currency. Later, I will provide the payment records and email screenshots of purchasing in-game currency. I sincerely request the GM’s assistance in resolving this matter to prevent any actual financial loss on my part. Thank you!

Greetings! Please submit a ticket there