Buying account! Requesting GM to handle this bad person ID:Windhuntryk
Following the previous article. This person(ID:Windhuntryk ) is not only stealing equipment from others, but also buying accounts.

What we say in the left picture
I said:
Was that W hunter you yesterday? I didn’t mean to scold you for making mistakes yesterday, it’s just that you made a mistake and said you. You and the hunter Sansao practice together, master the distance, and play together later.

Windhuntryk said:
It’s okay, yesterday was my fault. To be honest, I didn’t practice this account myself, I bought it.

What we say in the right picture.
Windhuntryk said:
You’re really interesting. You even reported me, do you have a DKP score?@sansao

Bufon said:
It’s his. He has DKP.

Sansao said:
Look, this bad guy has come out, I have a DKP score.

Moonway said:
Your mage has DKP, but your hunter is a newcomer and has no DKP. Only if others don’t want this, then you can go to get it.

I said:
He has already left the group, don’t say it anymore.


Thank you for the report, we will conduct an internal investigation.

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