Requesting GM to handle this bad person ID:Windhuntryk

Dear GM,
Hello. I am the president of the Just Be Happy guild in our server alliance.My ID is soulreleaser. We are a DKP guild and the guild has always been very harmonious.

However, yesterday, something angered the entire team. The situation is as follows: we were playing MC and after passing the 9th BOSS, we made it clear that the Ancient Petrified Leaf needs 20DKP. However, the hunter with ID Windhuntryk is a newcomer and does not have a DKP score yet, It should have been assigned to another hunter with DKP ID sansao, but this new hunter still went alone to touch the box and took away the item Ancient Petrified Leaf and quit guild!!!

Please kindly request GM to handle this person(ID:Windhuntryk) and assign the item Ancient Petrified Leaf to the (ID:sansao). If this cannot be achieved, please delete the item obtained by this bad person.(ID:Windhuntryk)

If signature confirmation is required, I can ask someone from the guild to post a reply here, or we can verify it in the game.

Best wishes!


Please note it is very hard for us to investigate Ninja Looting and it is rarely enforced.

We will not be able to restore this item to the player; but I will escalate this issue to our GM Team for further review of Windhuntryk.

Thank you.

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